On the stalled legislative process for the delimitation of the Amazigh language.

In accordance with the work of the legislative and executive institution regarding the activation of legal and constitutional requirements to “delimit” the Amazigh language, and in addition to the Moroccan State’s commitment to national and international bodies and organizations to remove all forms of injustice and discrimination against Amazigh Network for Citizenship – Azta Amazigh has followed with great concern the course of the public and parliamentary debate on the content of the regulatory law on the establishment of the National Council for Moroccan Languages and Culture, as well as the methodology for the preparation of sectoral plans to activate the “official” character of the Amazigh language and its integration in priority areas.
Accordingly, Aztec Amazigh has stood on a governmental and parliamentary approach that reflects institutional behaviour that fails to achieve the constitutional objective of delimiting the Amazigh language and issuing regulatory laws to that end, just as a regulatory law has been adopted that does not guarantee the effective and equitable delimitation of the Amazigh language against us. The expectations and aspirations of the components of the legitimate Amazigh movement, in victory for an approach that continues to encapsulate the logic of exclusion, discrimination and marginalization against Amazighs.
Therefore, in the Aztec Aztec language, we declare to national and international public opinion the following:
We condemn the continuation of policies of exclusion and discrimination between the different components of the Moroccan identity, in which the Amazigh language and culture continue to be victimized, which means that the government continues to prevaricate in developing public policies that establish linguistic justice and enshrine equality and equity between languages and cultures. Morocco, making the National Council for Moroccan Languages and Culture a constitutional reference institution in the area of linguistic and cultural policies in our country;

We condemn the logic of exclusion and discrimination adopted by certain sectors of the Government in their insistence and continued exclusion of civil actors interested in the Amazigh language and culture in the formulation of their plans and programmes aimed at activating Regulatory Law No. 26.16;

We have refused to maintain institutions with a racist function, such as the Arabization Institute, which seeks to promote exclusionary values, perpetuate discrimination and the institutional neutrality of the State with regard to all its linguistic and cultural components, and we call for the strengthening of Act No. 04.16 on the establishment of the National Council for Moroccan Languages and Culture;
Our disapproval of the role of the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture at a time when the State must work to strengthen the financial and administrative independence of that institution and make it an effective and efficient mechanism for monitoring and following up on all workshops to strengthen the functions and roles of the Amazigh language in all aspects of public life and public facilities;
We call for work on the drafting of a national charter of languages and culture aimed at achieving linguistic justice that promotes multilingualism and protects cultural diversity, ensuring the necessary conditions for the vitality of the country’s official languages and gradually improving the functions of the Amazigh language and modernizing it to its full function as the country’s official language;
We call on all members of the Amazigh movement to coordinate efforts and counter all desperate attempts to establish the low status of the Amazigh language and culture through failed workshops aimed at ensuring the equality and equal status of the country’s official languages in the media, education, the judicial system and all aspects of public life.
“We are going to have to do it,” he said.

Amazigh Network for Citizenship – Azta Amazigh
About the Executive Board
Rabat: 28 January 2020

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Declaration on the legislative process at a standstill on the delimitation of the Amazigh language.