About Amazigh Citizenship Network – Azetta Amazigh :

The Amazigh Network for Citizenship -Azetta Amazigh, torchbearer of the Amazigh cause in Morocco, is an NGO that was created on July 07, 2002. It is particularly interested in the protection and promotion of linguistic and cultural rights in Morocco and North Africa and in the fight against all forms of marginalization and discrimination, whether based on ethnic, linguistic, religious, sexual or other considerations.

Its vocation is to :

  • Ensure a good presence of the Amazigh language and indigenous culture in public policies.
  • Defend and promote the identity, culture and language of the indigenous Amazigh people in Morocco and Africa.
  • To contribute to the promotion of the linguistic, political, cultural, economic, social and civil rights of Moroccan citizens, in accordance with international declarations and conventions.
  • Contribute to the building of a democratic, citizen, strong and autonomous Indigenous Amazigh movement.
  • The fight against all forms of marginalization and discrimination, whether based on ethnic, linguistic, religious, sexual or other considerations.

Area(s) of activity :

  • Governance, Democracy and Human Rights.
  • Amazigh cultural and linguistic rights.
  • Economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.
  • Youth
  • Gender Equality.
  • The Amazigh Native Woman.

The Authorities :

  • The National Congress (organized once every three years).
  • The National Council (composed of 41 members elected by the congress)
  • The Executive Board (13 members elected by the NC).
  • The Local Sections (25).
  • Rabat, Temara, Khemisset, Marrakech, Agadir, Bouizakarne, Tiznit, Imi ougadir, Ifran Anti Atlas, Timolay, Tanalt, Assa, Oulmés, Zagora, Guelmime, Tata, Elhajeb, Fes, Azrou, Imejjad, Mrirt, Oujda, Akka Ighan, etc Taliouine, SidiSlimane, Taroudant, Biougra, Benimellal.
  • Azetta National Youth Committee.
  • The Azetta Women’s National Committee.

Work Strategy :

  • Advocacy, consultation and mobilization on reforms/policies/economic/programmes likely to strengthen democratic construction and respect for human rights.
  • The setting up of action and knowledge networks bringing together different actors from civil society, institutions, universities, etc. with a view to taking into account more effectively the needs of the populations; but also with a view to constituting a social movement influencing the issues of democracy, governance, human development.
  • The strengthening of the capacity of associations to increase their power of influence over the priorities and programmes that affect their lives, as well as the empowerment of young people so that they become a movement of influence carrying the voice and concerns of young people.
  • The production of data and knowledge, in particular through action research on issues of interest and their wide dissemination, as well as the development of alternative solutions to issues of exclusion, inequality, precariousness, unemployment, training, etc., is a key component of the work of the Youth Forum.

Azetta is a member of :

  • The Amazigh “Aghnass” Indigenous Civil Coalition.
  • The coordination of Amazigh associations in North Africa.
  • The World Amazigh Congress.
  • The collective of anti-corruption associations.
  • The social forum Morocco.
  • The Moroccan associative space.
  • The associative collective for the observation of elections.
  • Moroccan Euro-Mediterranean Network.

National and international partners :

  • The Global Human Rights Fund.
  • The Delegation of the European Union in Morocco.
  • The Embassy of Switzerland -Rabat.
  • The Royal Norwegian Embassy – Rabat.
  • The Embassy of Finland – Rabat.
  • The Sigrid Rausing Trust Foundation.
  • The Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Support of Human Rights Defenders.
  • The British Council-Rabat.
  • The Aswatouna Foundation.
  • The Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights.
  • The Ministry of Justice.
  • The Ministry of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament.
  • UNOPS.